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Saturday, August 23, 2008

my cup

It runneth o'er.

I have been feeling so happy to reconnect with old friends through this new-fangled invention, thank you Mr. Gore. Ha! No, seriously. There was a part of my heart that was aching for history and the comfort of a girlfriend while we reminisce, and the peace that comes from telling my story. It, my heart, was so lonesome for you, my dear friend. And you are here looking in on me and I want to thank you for your interest, curiosity, your wit and candor, your shoulder and your belly (the laughing). And while my heart is happy because it is being tended and watched electronically, it beats with vim and vigor because this week I actually reach out and touched my friend--I got to hug her!

Thanks to JM for hosting the Bee Sting Party. It was unforgettable! Your home is so comfy and inviting, even to those stinky stingers (boo!). We had fun and the 8-4 girl is a trouper and L-O-V-E-D! playing with a certain 3.5 year old. Great to be amongst the chaos the old "neighborhood" gals (and by neighborhood, I am referring to that of the heart/common past/memory) have become--30+ kids and at least 3 doggies between us 11 chatty cathies. Plus, I think its funny that I am the only one who wanted to make sure the Teeny Tiny Baby (Suvi) got in the photo. Why didn't you ladies put your little bambinos in the group? Is there something that I haven't caught on to?


Elizabeth said...

you have a way with words

Laura said...

Look at all those kids!

We still have to do SATC at Hopkins. If we miss it there, one of us (both of us) will buy it and we'll watch it at home with jammies and treats to eat.

Joni said...

I'm full also! hugs - coffee - kids all around - quick chat - picture - stings - chaos - moans - gone. The briefness of it all was integral in the hilarious heartwarming experience. I won't forget it.