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Friday, October 24, 2008

clear a path.

I've been feeling wordless lately. Too many emotions pushing considerations right out of my head. Well, I am back, baby.
We all know that I am pretty much ga-ga for the Hubbinator. Here is another reason why I like him so well: He cleans this place up! Clutter was mounting (along with the stress of) the last 2 weeks. When I got home from work last night the dining room, kitchen, and living room were clear of clutter. (In the morning I discovered the basement has also been touched by his super powers.) He creates very little of the clutter, so its that much more exciting when he removes it. I really have no idea where he put my junk, but it'll turn up sometime. Right now I am just enjoying being able to waltz around the house. Fully clothed, thank you very much.
And its a good thing I wear clothes, because this morning as I was reaching up from the bathroom sink for a towel to dry my face, I saw a stranger looking in the living room window. Wouldn't you be alarmed? He looked away immediately, but I just chuckled to myself and put my hoodie on as I walked towards the front door. We were expecting the Appraiser this morning. Just didn't expect him to see me while I was washing up in the bathroom. With the babers, I don't usually close the door if I am in the WC because they get a little wound up if they can't see me for 45 seconds.
This photo was intended to illustrate the clutter free table. The pumpkin is from my sister Katie. Theo woke from his nap while I was shooting the pumpkin, so I put him on the table to create some adorable factor. "Look at the pumpkin, Theo. Touch the pumpkin, Buddy." He started to growl at me. Then I realized he didn't know what a pumpkin is. I introduced him to the pumpkin and his response improved. Silly mommy.
As I am typing, Theo is sitting to my right on the couch. I could hear the crunchy, plastic noise of the diaper wipes, but it didn't raise any flags initially. When I glanced over it was because I saw him drop something over the armrest. Wipes. Maybe 20. I was not tuned in. And he knew he wouldn't get in trouble. When I caught him with a gasp, he grinned and we both started laughing. Busted

A blurry shot of the tooth!



~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

You're so lucky to have a declutter-nator in your house. Ours has been overtaken by clutter and I finally got the bug to get rid of it.

Well...I mean...not 'finally'.

I've had 'intentions'.

For months.

But intentions don't amount to much unless you do something about them.

Funny. Those 'intentions'.

But today, the kids and I did something about it! And, at the moment, I've got a very sore back to prove it! And, I still have mountains of work ahead of me. *Sigh* Such it is when you're a clutter-bug...and a junk collector.

But in all seriousness, there has been great improvement in the living area and that sure feels good.

Now that I wrote you a book, I'm off to get ready to hit-the-hay!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I really did write you a book. Wow...

Elizabeth said...

I do not like the word cute.

That being said,

cute pumpkin
cute Theo
cute Hubbinator

sometimes it's just the best choice of phrase. :)

It is a good thing you wear clothes - unless .. you perhaps wanted the appraisal to come in at an even higher value. *she giggles*

Jan said...

hubbinators who clean are awesome. (hubbinators who hoover?)

ethiopifinn said...

Jen. I really like books.
Elizabeth. lol! can we say depreciation?

Jan. We don't have much hoovering around here, but he is the hubbinator who hoovers. Hyvaa: Hoover. (its actually a kenmore which i love and received as a gift from the hooverish hubbinish.)

MarcsMess said...

Kenmore??? I LOVE that guy! He joined our family 2 years ago.
It's a toss-up, which guy I love more though. Kenmore or KitchenAideDishwasher Guy. I'm kinda a 2 man type a gal......oh! and I forgot Bosch, the mixerator.
*sigh* I am such a loose woman! There are WAY too many men in my life.


Laura said...

Theo is starting to look like such a little boy - no longer a baby boy.

I usually don't have any pants on at home so an appraiser looking in the window wouldn't have gone over very well.

Jan said...

I've got a new friend named shop-vac. He's strong!

Joni said...

You have yourself a prize in that man! And hey, does that cute little sweatshirt look familiar? Oh, he's so cute!