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Friday, October 3, 2008

Shh. I'm thinking.

Everybody is sleeping, and its not even 10 o'clock. My husband has arranged for a babysitter to watch our precious babes tomorrow. He has a cold and fell asleep on the couch at 9:15. Will we have to cancel the sitter?

Reconnecting with friends created a sentimental rush of gooey ideas when I started blogging. People sort of dropped back in to my consciousness, and I was truly excited and happy to pick up on those threads. Now there is the realization that being allowed a glimpse into your day by reading your blog, or looking at your photos in another arena, illustrates how removed we are from each other. This is without qualification or judgement. I really don't know what has happened for you in the past 8 or 10 years, besides the big milestones like moving, marrying, or becoming a parent. Where did we leave off? Why did that happen, growing apart? Is the distance the glue, the buffer, or simply the consequence of proximity, both time and place? How is it that we became friends those years ago? Some of the ties that were broken coincided with great change in my life. I wonder now, what were your changes, and how do the growth, reflection, maturation, fear, confidence, sorrow, joy translate? What I would really like to know is, How are you, my long lost friend? Oh, and do you drink coffee? I didn't then, you know.


Jan said...

Are you talkin' to me, dear? I drink coffee now. Started after the twins were born and I needed a boost, any kind I could get.
Somewhere in my blog I talk about postpartum depression, and the recovery from it. Definitely has made me stronger, but there has been lots in between.
I am at a very good point right now.
And how are YOU, my friend??

ethiopifinn said...

Jan, I am pretty much living my dream come true. As you can tell, I adore my husband and our kids are so easy to love. Even when one of them takes a swim in the toilet now and again.
I've learned a lot about being true to myself and am always learning how to be a good partner for Habtamu. Those are more difficult than being a Mom. Some of that comes more naturally to me than taking care of me!
I am just trying to be a bit more mindful than I used to be, and appreciate what each day brings...

So, who else will report to me?

Elizabeth said...

That is an interesting thing to ponder ..

I don't remember how I lost touch with you at all - likely when I graduated and moved out to CA, I suppose - though I do remember always wishing I hadn't. I wasn't very good at keeping in touch with everyone I would've liked to keep in touch with a'tall. :-)

I do not drink coffee. Unless, by coffee, you mean frou-frou coffee drinks from Starbucks and the like, in which case I do. However, if I didn't feel silly ordering a cinnamon dolce latte or white chocolate mocha without any espresso, I would, LOL. I already order a grande with just one shot so that there is as little coffee taste as possible.

In terms of external, not much has changed in the past 8-10 years - except that I got a real job, moved across the country, and got a puppy (I count that one since I totally changed my life around to be a good dog owner). In terms of internal, probably much more has changed. :-)

I am glad that you are at such a good point. I can hear it in your "voice".

MindiJo said...

Okay, so I know you aren't talking to me. I never met you in real life. But what a well written post, I have to say. I love the way you weave your words and thoughts together in this!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Wow, what a post, so philosophical. - Funny, how time and distance changes everything. I don't remember exactly when I lost touch, but I have so many great memories of laughing with you because we hung out with the same people so often for so many years!

I often think of how people come and go in our lives, all for a reason, all for a time that seems far too fleeting when you look back. So much has changed in my life since those carefree days of living in the cities, or traveling to the U.P. when I was younger and still at home (and running into you there). So very, very much.

Like Jan, I suffered from a severe case of PPD (I also talk about it openly on my blog), for which I didn't get help for nearly two years, and I'm so thankful to be on this side of it!, happy and enjoying life again! When you look back at your life, you can't help but reflect on all that change. All that has changed you, all that has shaped you to help you grow. And it is really amazing to think of how different one can be from the days of their 'youth'! But sometimes I get sad when I think of all whom I have lost touch with, even though I believe everything happens for a reason... You still miss people, and you miss the times you had. I think it will always be like that.

gosh, I hadn't meant to write a book here! But you have some really good thoughts.

Laura said...

We haven't lost touch. I still touch you.

Sorry, I know that made you're stomach turn :)

Suz said...

Hey "noodle"! I am so glad we picked up again... ;)

Pete said...

Beautiful post! You certainly have a way with words! Although I did not hang out with you growing up, I still remember what was written in the inside of the card you & Habtamu gave Pete & I at our wedding "Enjoy your time together... We have found that marriage is so much better than singlehood.". Keep on writing! Heidi L