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Thursday, October 9, 2008

something new

This morning after her bottle, I discovered Suvi has her first tooth! It is amazing how these natural processes can be so thrilling. A couple of days ago we were feeling equally impressed that Theo knew all the character names in his new book, after just a few times through. These children are beautiful and wonderous, yet there are times when I think I am going to loose my ever-lovin' mind!

I just don't understand how my darling boy can be so ornery, greeting me for the day with first his endearing "Hello" and then a swift kick to my face. Shocking to say the least. "Mommeee," with some deep gutteral tones. He and I ate our oatmeal together, and we are both much improved. Aside from the yelling match which is going on behind me. Suvi must be working on a second tooth!

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~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Kids bring such wonder don't they? Thank goodness for that, as like you said, there are definitely plenty of those 'other' moments! ;)