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Thursday, November 20, 2008

...throw your hands up at me!

So, I'm trying to follow the suggestion to encourage my kids to be independent. Its so messy. I usually do let Theo go for it, but yogurt has been under my control until this week. I was preparing to feed Suvi carrots, when Theo got a horrible look on his face. I walked around the table to comfort him and Prec' reached out and touched something! Good girl. Eat those carrots.
I bought some raspberry tea to help with my female functions, but I'm too crabby to make it. I feel like an alien has taken hold of my innards; meanwhile a heavy, wet wool blanket has been planted on my brain. Go away, crabby hormones, come back gregarious, charitable sunshine of a dream girl (okay, maybe I am not that 'up' on a usual day, but I am close). I think my husband would welcome back the other Jenny with open arms. Wouldn't you? WELL?
Perhaps it is tea time.


Laura said...

Did Prec' get any carrots in her mouth?

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Raspberry tea is good for us girls? I'm going to try that next...uh...month! ;) Seriously.

Elizabeth said...

hmmmm .. I'm tempted to tell you what I've been doing. It involves water, eggs, raw cane sugar, and sake. I got the idea from my Chinese Medicine book and it seems to work nicely, though my innards don't usually put up too much of a fuss. :-)

Jan said...

look how pleased they look- feelin' so independent and such. This is the way they learn! : )

ethiopifinn said...

l: she did get some in her mouth, but I fed her with a spoon the tiny bit left in the container!
j: I really like it. i put splenda in it once, but it doesn't really need sweetener.
E: email me with the potion!
Jan; see how smart you are? :)