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Friday, December 19, 2008

well, I'm back in action.

now that they are starting to interact a bit, it has become impossible to get a photo of my kids together. these snapshots are from my phone (low res) because my camera batteries were all out of juice yesterday. the top shot is from my throne...one is never alone. :)
i am hoping to post a little more over the weekend, so until then, enjoy the next six days, as we approach wonderful Christmas Day!


Jen H. said...

I love the throne shot, I always wondered if you were royalty!

Elizabeth said...

in the second to last shot, it looks like Theo is attempting a backbend (if you look at him as being from left to right rather than bending over). :)

Laura Jean said...

Thanks for disclosing your location of the first shot- made me laugh! :D BTW, for phone shots, those are pretty good!

Jan said...

I am never alone in the bathroom either- my family gets suspicious if I just try and shut the bathroom door! We only have one bathroom, so I often get chased out. Maybe that's too much info.

Laura said...

I get tired just looking at the blur of the pictures. It shows constant motion and now I need a nap.