LOVE has come for you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yesterday we were at Auntie Mari's house. Suvi is not too sure she wants to love Bob, who seems to love her!


Joni said...

I love Suvi's little mouth. And I want to go curl up in that chair in the corner w/a book.

Elizabeth said...

I love her look in the second photo. Bob seems gentle with her, which will help him plead his case. :)

Elizabeth said...

Jenny, I like the photos on your photo pair blog (I just noticed it). I love the blue Le Crueset. Almost more than my red. Hmmm ..

Just fyi .. it says you welcome comments but comments must be disabled because there's no option to leave them - you know, to say you like the photos. :)

Confused Chaos said...

Awwww... What about Bob?

Jen H. said...

I love the expression in the second photo, too. I recognize it. I think that my babe has the same serious "I am not so sure" look!