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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodnight 2008

Our New Year's Eve celebration. Cookie exchange goodies (the thumbprint and monster cookies were consumed before the camera came out) and tea.

I made these ice candles yesterday, and put them out around 10:30 last night. I'd been wondering how to make them, they are part of my Finland memory and found them on Becca's blog.

We heard fireworks as we were drifting to sleep as the New Year began. Goodnight 2008, Good morning 2009!


Becca said...

Happy New Year Jen! Your ice candles turned out nice! It's neat to hear that you remembered them from Finland. We always called them "Finnish ice candles" but I didn't know if they were actually from there or not.

Heli said...

Happy new year!:)
I love ice candles, haven`t have time to make any this year.

Elizabeth said...

pretty candles

now I want cookies, but my butter needs to soften before I can make them. maybe I should turn the oven on and speed up the process. :)

happy merry 2009!

Laura Jean said...

I'm attempting an ice candle right now...wish me luck! :)