LOVE has come for you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


this is my one hundredth post. weird! I would have expected it to be more meaningful:)

The sun streaming through my windows is like the perfect mouthful of lemon pie. Anybody see Waitress? I loved that movie. I bawled through it--and it is rather gritty, aside from the lovely pies.


Anonymous said...

The snowbanks around here look like mashed potatoes. The dirty snow around them, like the gravy.

No, I never saw Waitress. But I DID see Fargo. ha.


Laura Jean said...

I love Waitress. :)
Happy 100th post!

Elizabeth said...

it made me want to eat pie - lots of pie

alas, I am not a pie-maker

now I want pie again - doggone it

happy 100th!

Joni said...

I saw most of Waitress - liked it too. I don't remember crying...I would like to watch it again from the beginning. Congratulations on 100!