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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Please, let me vent./reborn.

I can't get into facebook. ITS REALLY BUGGING ME!
I'll stop yelling now.

The other day a girlfriend called to share a funny/strange story with me. The thing she discovered, in contemplating an exchange she shared with someone in her world, is there is no original thought when it comes to communicating our emotion. We totally enjoyed the idea, and laughed for the cheesy factor in a statement of love or emotion. For example, there are a million mom's who take a photo of their beloved baby with a messy face, wearing heels, or in the bath. "How adorable!" Because, really, it is adorable. And there could be a stamp made to express our love to Mom, Sister, Lover, Friend. Something you personalize with your signature only. The signature is yours, but what about your name? Mine is Jenny. Jen. Jennifer. It doesn't specifically identify the person I am. When I place pen to paper and scratch out my name, Jenny translates to me alone. So our declarations of love and devotion, captured images of those we love and adore, the songs/poems/movies we associate with our images of personal connections may all sound exactly the same. "You are more than any daughter could hope for! My sister, my friend. I love you forever my dearest. Thank you a million times over for your support and laughter." Except that it is my voice in her ear. Shared laugh lines. My kiss on his cheek. My arm on your shoulder. This is what makes those unoriginal words and sentiments organic and true. Your sigh in my ear, your pen writing my address, the treats you fed him on his breath, the messy face God delivered(and the face you anxiously await) for you to tend. It is you. It is me. Your heart is true, the sentiment your own. Your personal relationship revealed, replenished, revitalised, revisited, repaired, retired, rededicated, reclaimed! I am feeling it, baby!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your way of writing. I have reread this post over and over and get a new understanding everytime! miss and love ya, Nancy

Jan said...

So what do you not like about facebook? I am wondering because I have resisted getting involved in facebook- I do wonder what I am missing though. I just don't want to spend the time on there. I spend enough time blogging already.

so explain more about the voice of Jenny. Pure Jenny. Are you able to sound your voice here on your blog. Or do you censor?

ethiopifinn said...

Nan-miss and love YA!
Jan--I do have a facebook account, but I cannot get past the login page--something is up with my 'puter.
My goal for this year is not to censor myself on the blog. once more people from our home culture started commenting, i became a bit quieter, not wanting to offend. But i wasn't enjoying my posts that way, so you *will* see more of me! how 'bout you?

Leanne said...

Love it. You're so talented.

Plus I love uncensored. Each of us have a different reason that we blog, but part of mine is so that I can be ME. So that everyone can know ME. The great thing is...people have a choice to either be part of my blog or not, and I welcome all. The more people that comment, the more interesting the conversation. So PLEASE bring yourself to my blog anytime and I'm going to love reading your blog in the future *at least* as much as I have in the past. XOXO

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Blogging is so much more fun than facebook, anyways! More real, more candid. Plus, you're a little more "hidden" in blog world, i.e. no "Jennifer commented on soandso's photo" . . . etc.

You have a beautiful, heartfelt, truly talented way with words and expression. Keep it up; I need to "drop-by" more often.

Laura Jean said...

I love this post. A promise I made to myself when I started my blog was that I was not going to, under any circumstances, censor myself. I figure people can decide not to read if they found it offensive. It has been liberating! I love being ME! It's refreshing and fun! Love that you are enjoying it also!

...LOL, I just read the rest of the comments before posting mine, and I realize I pretty much said the same as Leanne! Wonder if we're related? :D

Anonymous said...

i've seen your ass. uncensored jen/jenny/jennifer/elbow doesn't bother me.
~ann b.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I love your writing!! This is a fabulous post.

Jenny, be you! I saw what you'd written to Jan in your comment about censoring. Be you, your friends will always accept you for who 'you' are.

I feel like, for myself, it's easier to be me on my blog than anywhere else. I might feel shy around certain people at times in real life, or I might not say what I really feel all the time, but on my blog, it's liberating to be uncensored. I never wish to offend anyone, but I do try to be me.

Elizabeth said...

That is SO true. Everything that can be said has probably been said already, a million times over, in every and any way that words can be strung together. But it is your voice and your heart and YOU that makes it unique when you say it.

I don't censor; however, there are certain things that I avoid that I might not avoid if my blog were truly anonymous. :)

MindiJo said...

I love this post. Amazing, really.

It's hard not to censor yourself, isn't it? I struggle with that. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

Jan said...

Yah, I'm always trying to be original, but like you say -everything has been said.

I think anyone who says they say what they blog without censoring or caring what other people think are lying.
Because we all care about what other people think of us. It is human nature.
And censoring our thoughts is probably often a good thing!!!! there are a reason there is editors out there : )

LOL- Ann- I've seen your ass too- and it's full of pimples! hahahaha just kidding...