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Friday, March 27, 2009

little bit a this

  • i've already cried twice today --while reading blogs (thanks to laura k and mindi) and shuddered once (flood). i haven't felt very commenty, but apparently slightly sensitive :)
  • yesterday suvi was fussing in my arms as i was 'finishing up' my email--she took my face in both her hands and turned it towards her to make eye contact. i was instantly over my email. priority check!
  • i have bread in the oven and one more batch on the rise to go in.
  • theo was taking a drink and spitting it into a bucket. "i 'frow' up." nobody has been puking around here, he's just that kid who remembers the fun stuff!
  • i am disappointed that my healthification process has been put on the back burner (behind the rice) by the head chef. i am glad to have reduced my weight by 18 lbs. 82 to go!
  • the man may be the head of the family, but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head anyway she likes. i could do with a little big fat greek wedding today!
  • it is well past lunch time--gotta feed the chilluns. happy weekend!


Elizabeth said...

I loved that movie. I do with a re-watch myself. Along with some rice with vegetables and red coconut curry sauce. Apparently I am comment-y *and* hungry. ;)

Theo! LOL

It sounds like Suvi is good at setting the right priorities.

Kudos on the drop, btw!

Elizabeth said...

I could do with a re-watch, not I do ..

ethiopifinn said...

"i do" with a re-watch makes sense for this movie:)

Anonymous said...

18 Pounds??? Great Job. I am very proud of you. Losing weight is so gratifying when it happens......go girl!

What kind of bread?


PS.... I LOVE the word verifications.....todays is buctful....hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Great job, Jenny! I'm proud of you!

Kids are the greatest at putting priorities in order, aren't they?!

Have a great weekend too!

Leanne said...

I started WW again today. I am more motivated and in control than I have felt in a long time. I'm going to Tricia's WW meetings in Osseo; she just started. And heaven knows her 135 lb weight loss is an inspiration! Congratulations on your 18 lbs!

One day Matty was trying to get my attention when I was on the computer. He finally said, "Mommy! Look at me!" which is what I say to him when I want his attention. Oops.

Happy Weekend to you, too!

Jan said...

Congrats on the weight loss- you are well on your way!!! I promise my next post won't make you shudder : )

Laura Jean said...

Sorry if I made you cry...

I've been sucking at WW. Leanne needs to get on me about it. Actually, I dare anyone to try bother me about it right now- they would be facing a monster! ...kidding... but I have been a bit unmotivated. I did go to the meeting with Leanne. There's a baby step, right? :D

Love Theo "frowing up". Kids. :D

ethiopifinn said...

bets, thanks for the buctful sentiment. lets just start using the word verifications and see if they catch on :)
angeh and jan--kiits on the encouragement!
leanne--i think anne told me about Tricia's WW leadership. I saw a photo of her on Em's (aaron's sis) FB and was so surprised--she looks great. It is inspiring for sure! She is so fun (as I remember from my youth, and she was *so* much older and cooler.) fun to see success.
laura-- it's alright if i cry sometimes. maybe i am turning into a big sap. turns in life can detour us from our goals, but if i can do it, honey, you can too. :)

MindiJo said...

Way to go on the 18 lbs! That's awesome.

I made you cry?! I'll have to go back and see my blog. I hope it was a good cry.

Emily said...

The 18 lbs. is AWESOME! Keep it up Jen. I need a little motivation over here... there it is! Happy Birthday Suvi! I think I'll make some bread today. Do you have a good whole grain recipe for the bread maker? Yummm...

ethiopifinn said...

Mindi-it was the video when you came in to find your ma and sisters. i have been short on sleep lately... :)

em--no bread maker or whole grain breads in this house. i am a novice, and only making white bread so far!

Confused Chaos said...

Great entry!
Congrats on the 18 lbs. That is flab-you-loss! heh-heh.
I love the Theo story hahahaha!