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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I haven't written much about faith, it is private for me, but I do believe we are meant to be a light. Usually I keep the drapes pulled. (Not in my living room, though, I like the sunshine to stream in.) Maybe my spiritual light is trapped behind one of those trick mirrors. I can see out, but you can't look in--you see yourself looking back at you. (isn't that often true in life? we see ourselves in others, whether or not that bit really exists in the other? i see it in my interactions with my clients. most often they assume I share their opinion, and i only correct when its something important to me.) I feel pretty wimpy in my faith.

I got a note on FB today from one of our salon clients--she sent it to all her friends, I'd imagine. She was asking for prayer for a specific 22 year old soldier who is in Iraq, a man she feels is being attacked by the greater enemy of the Spirit. It really touched me, that despite the complications in her relationship with this young person, she just wants peace of heart for him. I don't think I do prayer the way she does, and we know Christianity differently as well. Reading her pleas for help humbled me for a moment.

My personal views and practices of celebrating my Christian faith aside, I hope DM gets some comfort. My prayers are usually for my own strength and patience and sanity, as I seem to always be on the brink of chaos. Raspberry tea and a good rest help, Divine Design for hormonal women.

As an aside, I've been saying the Lord's Prayer with Theo at bedtime. Then I say, "God Bless Grandma and Ayat"(Ethiopian Gram) on down to our "friends and neighbors." Theo always adds, "and Devin. Amen." Devin is the neighbor boy--Theo's kindergartener best friend. :) Sweetness and purity of children!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

It doesn't so much matter to me that others understand how or what I believe. The how or what of it all doesn't really matter. To me. :) In other words, I think you can be a light regardless of whether others understand the how and what of how you believe. :)

I do pray for others when they request or need it, but the only prayers I offer up for myself are prayers of gratitude.

Theo is a sweetheart.

Jen H. said...

Being a mother has been the most humbling experience I have had (and also the most rewarding). I love the innocence of a child. I also pray for strength and patience daily!

Leanne said...

I've been planning a similar post. It's Lenten season, after all. :) Rest assured, friend, you are a wonderful beacon.

Anonymous said...

I have found that sometimes I can't even pray...just sigh. But, I believe that our sighs are like a shout to God.
I love reading your posts.

Laura Jean said...

Very rarely do I ask for anything other than strength in prayers. I think we are all given our trials for a reason, and all we need is the strength to get through them. However , I have gotten greedy in this adoption process- I am guilty of asking God for a baby. Hey, I'm only human! :D I try to match every prayer for strength with a prayer of gratitude. ...honestly, prayer is my faith. I feel a connection with God that I trust completely. It's simple to me. I like laying in bed and having a "conversation" with God. It's "lightening" to me.

Wow, rarely can I talk about faith. You have a way of bringing it out in your posts! :)

Elizabeth said...

btw, I think you shine. :)

ethiopifinn said...

"You ladies are day brighteners,"
she sighs. xo xo

Mella said...

I can hear you happily singing in my remembering mind, "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine"...


God bless you dear one!

Joe Abrahamson said...

I've gone through some tremendous loss recently. It does matter what I believe. It matters that it is God's Word to me and not from my own imagination. Please look at a recent post I wrote about similar issues.


I pray that this helps.