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Monday, June 29, 2009

let go laughin'

I have Sugarland in my head. That Jennifer has a Dolly Partony voice, and I am diggin' it. snack time at the beach
he was trying to look around the camera at the couple next to us
all in a day's work

my darling baby is sick--she goes in tomorrow (monday) for a check-up--but i don't think a girl with a green nose has to stay home from the lake :)

the new mat
and you are. welcome.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing quite like treats with a little sand mixed in. Ahhhhhh.... That gritty feeling between your teeth.

Summer. Looks like ours ended. 47* this morning as I came to town.


Elizabeth said...

i'm pretty sure that the lake is good for a green nose. :)

Joni said...

Good luck at the appt. I love your door mat - and the familiar toes to go with it!

ethiopifinn said...

Bette, i sure hope it didn't stay that low all day!
Elizabeth, and in MN, the lake color matches. (Sorry, I do realize the EEW factor there):)
Hey Joni, she's growing just fine and looking even better now that she got some drops for her little eyes!

Emily said...

Hope she's feeling better! Love your pic of your tootsies and new rug!

mella said...

Fun summer memories at the lake! Now I'm curious what, if anything, Theo found interesting about the other couple. 'Course I love how expressive his face is.

Enjoy seeing your cute little Suvi-tushie playing in the water, and your cute toes diggin' in the sand and welcoming all to your home.

Hmm, might have to check out Sugarland, I dig's a good Dolly sound-a-like myself...

MindiJo said...

Love the kiddos and the new doormat.