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Sunday, July 5, 2009

more summer fun


i love being outside with my kids. it feels like i'm really doing something good with them, and for me. the three of us tend to get a little batty if we are indoors too long! today we went with my mom to this park after church, it is just down the road (turn north at the BP). there is a nice playground and picnic tables, as well as a sand beach, with hardly any goose droppings. it was the best part of my weekend!

the girl in the middle had a birthday yesterday (she's a little taller now). my favorite firecracker.


elizabeth said...

that first photo cracked me up.

looks like fun!

Joni said...

fun photos - I'm glad I have a humidity comrade, so cute (her). I like the flash from the past - all three lookers!

Anonymous said...

I love Suvi's humidity hair. I wish we could have a "beach" day together! the pictures are cute. Nancy

ethiopifinn said...

Nancy, maybe N will take Suvi out in a boat someday... :)
Joni, we're just a big hair people!
Elizabeth, it was!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE looking at your blog!!!

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Way cute. Love the hair. kinda like what mine does in humidity. Your kids are getting so big!