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Friday, August 14, 2009

one more picasa collage

i'm not gonna lie. i've always liked taking photos of myself. and i like panoramas made with consecutive frame images. i like contact sheets and lining up - piecing together photographs. i am in my head a lot, and i like seeing what that looks like. and my kids will probably be weeding through boxes of photographs instead of other sentimentalities when they have to downsize me out of this house into a senior living condo. "why did she save all the negatives?" well, they are part of me. yes, the negatives from my memorial day weekend trip to the copper country when i was 18 was totally unique and the group snapshots should be treasured. okay, i do still have a lot of negatives that i wont ever use to make photos, but up til now i've been going with the "you never know what might happen, or what tomorrow brings" theory. fine. i'll make something curious with the negatives. do you really want all those chemicals sitting in a landfill poisoning your water? didn't think so. see, they are serving a purpose in my boxes in the basement. and they will wonder (i've rounded the corner, just back from my tangent now) what to do with all the albums and since i've gone digital upon suvi's birth, all the cd's. maybe they'll have a cool little collage or shadow box project on their art desks. desks with MAMA LOVES YOU in my favourite font across a laminated image of me as their blotter. i'd like to hope so.


Anonymous said...

I have a picture of you sitting on the sidelines of the basketball court at my cousin's one St. John's weekend. If I had a scanner, i'd show you. We were at the 7th and 8th grade age. I took the shot as we got to know each other. ~Brita

ethiopifinn said...

funny. i love the perspective from that age... :)

Joni said...

I love your collages. I can see you find joy in them, it comes through.

elizabeth said...

i LOVE this post! up until a couple of years ago, i had every single negative as well. BOXES of them. every once in a while i'd start going through them (thinking maybe i shouldn't save all negatives) and would stare intently at each little frame and think, "but i like that photo - what if i need it someday". never mind that if someday ever came, i would have no idea which of the millions of envelopes that exact photo was in. LOL. anyway, at one point, i finally got rid of them all, with the exception of some of my england/europe negatives - in case i wanted to enlarge some photos someday. (however, it made me happy to know that i wasn't the only one who saved them.)

you are good with the piecing together of images. i love that middle one.