LOVE has come for you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today i feel as if i am standing at the edge of a wishing well seeking a reflection from the depths. Knocking in a pebble just to listen for the response as the water's surface is broken by the topside intruder. Impact. My choices are impactful. I could use the pebble to build, keep it in my hand to remember the place i first saw it, let it rest as it is. Which way from here? I am straining to keep my balance here at this well. Leaning too far over some moments-woah! Steady. Afraid, "Ohpleasedontletmefallin." Too scared to step down, to ease my cumbersome self back to earth. Too busy looking for my reflection to reach for the hand of my Lover, too entrenched in my sorrow to feel refreshed in the winds of change, or see clearly the path to safety God has laid out. I want to reach, feel, see, know- it is time to surrender. Sigh. The sun is setting and my Lover is calling. Homeward now.


mella said...

Your well touches my heart this morning, and I feel connected to you.... thank you for sharing the poetry of your life. love you. hugs. muah!

Jan said...

I am not sure what to say here. the writing conjures up feelings and images...that is the intent, no? It did make me stop and read slowly.

Anonymous said...

"my Lover"? and you say *i'm* a sap??
~ann b.