LOVE has come for you.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I tried four times to spell craigslist correctly, but then, after four failed attempts, I decided lits would do.
***Table and chairs have sold!!!!***

Just posted these two items, and thought I'd let you know incase you are just aching for this stuff.  Buy it. Please. I know.  I am quite the sales person.  I love my table in the kitchen, but we don't NEED it, so if you do, you should give it a happy home. 


Anonymous said...

so are you switching to life sans tube, or just downgrading the size?
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...

no we mounted it on the wall. i love me some boob tube/idiot box.

Joni said...

I AM aching for your kitchen table, I WANT it. But you know, 700 miles and all, plus it's probably not right for us. Shoot. Not to mention the dough part.

MindiJo said...

:) Way to go!

elizabeth said...

I'd like to buy Elmo. Doggone it, why is he not for sale. ;)