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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Now I understand why some mothers like to get up before their children (or stay up late).  Usually I want to make the most of my quiet time by sleeping, and generally enjoying my down comforter.  Today sleep eluded me, so I found myself refilling Theo's epipen script at 7:08.  I try not to be up at that time, unless there is a child on my hip.  It was so easy to call-in the refill with no little hands trying for the phone, or yelling, or repeating, "Hold me, hold me, hold me..." until I actually hold her.  She's so cute, though, who could resist those big brown eyes and outstretched arms.  And so much time to check FB and blogs!  Laundry can wait.

Yep.  I hear her stirring...laundry will have to wait!

Happy Thanksgiving!


elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving! <3

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

So glad you're still on-line! I was worried there for a minute. :)

I love your analogy on your other post about hair dressers/cable companies.

I want to trim our costs with this 'Dave thing' but I can't part with the internet. It's my sanity saver, not to mention a minor source of income. (Very minor, but income is income, right.) :)

I don't have a cell phone now but I don't like that because of Carter's allergy. I also don't have long-distance right now because of it. I need to have a phone when I'm out and about with him so I still need to figure something out with that!

~ Jennifer

ethiopifinn said...

Jennifer--have you looked into the pre-pay phones? that way you don't have to do a contract and you can use a phone you have with some companies, or get a cheap one. or a sweet one used on ebay...

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I've heard of them. Haven't looked into them yet. I'm being pretty lazy about it all but it would be nice to have long distance again!

~ Jennifer