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Friday, February 5, 2010

Drawing you

I will do two drawings today at naptime.  One for lashes, one for the skin cream.  Whoozitgonnabe?

Found it!

Suvi digs in my kitchen stuff EVERY day.  I haven't been able to dissuade her from her sneaky activity, nor come up with a different storage solution out of her reach.  So, we just fetch the spatulas and spoons and the whisk when we do the washing up, or as needed.  Yesterday I could not find my whisk. It was really bugging me.  So much so, that while watching the bride-to-be open her shower gifts last night, the thought of pocketing her new whisk entered my mind. More than once.
(Here's the bride with my Mom and her Auntie Katie a few years back.  She's 29 now. I forgot to bring my camera along last night.)

  Well, I found my whisk today...not sure which one of these little criminals over here came up with the idea to zip it inside of the computer chair.  Just glad I spotted it!


Julie said...

I wonder where all the missing things that never show up are? I sometimes think about that. Glad you found your whisk! Too cute. :)

Who won? Who won? Who won? I'm only a little ansty. :D

Anonymous said...

I once lost my dough hook for the Kitchen Aid. We figure my 1 yr old threw it out. That is sooo frusterating.


elizabeth said...

Maybe she knows that the whisk is used for good things, so was zipping it up for safekeeping. I mean, it's not likely to get lost if zipped up! Hee.