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Thursday, April 8, 2010

No, we don't go to ECFE classes.

And it is because, a) on paper we make too much money to get the tuition break (last fall at registration time, i didn't have a dime to spare) and the timing of the classes offered in my area was not ideal for me, b) I think Theo is too young--he is still years from starting school.  he already has letter and number recognition because he watches public television programming for children AND WE READ TO HIM, c) I don't care to gather the support of the strangers in the parents group, mainly because I DON'T LIKE STRANGERS (heh, heh), and d) i think that I am home during the day, so he should be playing and learning at home; when he starts school, he will be ready and "keen on learning."  The Finns say so, and Finns are smart. So there.  I also feel like this link supports homeschooling--not that it mentions homeschooling, but it is the idea of 'teach the child, not the subject' that makes me say this.  (habtamu often emails links to me.  i love the links that relate to my dear heritage.  go Suomi!)

I don't have a problem with the classes, and I can definitely see how lots of kids benefit from being around other children, and the structure that is provided.  It just hasn't felt right to me.  We have seen, in the past year, two pediatricians (an intern, and a colleage of our usual, awesome pediatrician) who were very strong in their recommendations of the ECFE classes.  On both occasions, we were visiting the clinic for Suvi, but Theo had to come along.  I can't say we'll never put him in a class before he starts school, but we have time.  Actually, I am sure Theo would love it.  I really was no kind of ready to do it last fall...for his age group, the classes were separation--kids in one room and parent in the other. 

So No, we don't go to ECFE classes, but we might.  Someday. Maybe.  For now, we are headed outside to play in the dirt.  But not the puddles--we hit them yesterday and the kids were spotted from head to toe in mud.  Spring is fun.  And good for the laundry detergent companies.


MindiJo said...

Unstructured play is wonderful for children. That's what I think.

Emily said...

We haven't been going to ECFE for the same reasons. I used to live in Menahga and did participate there because 1)it was free for everyone and 2)many kindred spirits attended with me so the parents time was helpful and aimed towards my kind of mothering.

I don't think that children really NEED preschool. They may be ahead of non-preschool kids initially, but my kids have always caught up by 1st grade if not sooner. I feel blessed to be at home with my kids and think they have more than enough years of school ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

Garrett likes to argue with Isaac and Nikita that " I go to school too. homeschool, and Bette is my teacher". so at least HE thinks he is in school:) I haven't sent my kids to preschool, yet. I think that their time at home is so short.Maybe someday I will change my mind. miss you! Nancy

ethiopifinn said...

I love my friends. Period.

And I wish Bette was *my* teacher, too, Garrett!

mella said...

great article, love the bbc. and how the education minister speaks of the importance of the culture doing what fits best for them, very wise leader.

sadly, those guiding principles of keeping it simple... and less is more... aren't really the 'western way'.

keep trusting your own instincts, mama!

Leanne said...

So long as the babies have lots of love, nothing else really matters. And since you have that covered, yours are going to be wonderful. With or without ECFE. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm surprised that you've been pushed twice to join ECFE! No one has ever asked me, nor have we ever attended. My kids would probably have fun, but they seem to be growing up just fine. Your children will be just fine if they never get there either. And, if you ever do go, I'm sure they will enjoy it. I can see how it would give a little excitement to the week. Trust your instinct, you're a great mom. -Angie

ethiopifinn said...

like i said, i love my friends!!

Jan said...

I agree with the comments here- fine if you go, don't feel guilty if you don't go. I have gone sometimes and not others. I went more before Sadie started school, more to meet the ladies in my neighborhood than anything. Also, Sadie got know a few more kids that would be in her class. It was kind of an introduction to the school system for me.
I don't feel I need that anymore, and I do just as cool or more cool projects at home so I stay home.