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Monday, May 17, 2010

mittens in may

while they eat popcicles
I should have changed their clothes before they got in the mud.  Theo's shirt is ruined...i soaked it in Oxy overnight, did a hot pre-soak with clorox2 directly on it, then washed it again in hot with a tide stain product.  three shovels of mud to the back, and splatters on the front.  i don't think baby 3 will be enjoying that particular hand me down!  My Mom took it home with her to see if she can get the mud out... what a gem:)


elizabeth said...

I did not realize mud was so "destructive' to clothing. Then again, I think the bottoms of my running pants are forever slightly brown from winter mud runs.

I like the mittens + popsicles idea.

p.s. When I saw the title, I thought you were going to say that it snowed and I was afraid to open the post. This was much better. ;-)

Joni said...

awww - that m.e., she's a gem.

mella said...

may mittens and mudpies sound like great childhood memories in the making :)

Confused Chaos said...

I thought hot water set stains?? Of course, I'm super domestic so I should know.
Next time I have a popsicle, I think I will dig out my mittens.