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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i'm really not a phone person

Or, maybe i've just been (not) talking to the wrong people.  Today I called my girlfriend.  She didn't answer, but when I was leaving my message, her sister (also my friend :) picked up.  And...we talked for 1 1/2 hours.  That is 90 minutes.  She was supposed to be babysitting, not blabbing away to me.  Hee, hee.  I really enjoyed the talk, it flew by, and I could have talked longer.  She was literally trying to hang-up on me, I just had too much to say! I still want to talk to her sister, it has been a long time.  Maybe she'll be sitting next to the phone if I try again next week.  Just waiting, hoping. Ha!
And then, when I brought the mail in, there was a package from my dear friend in Finland.  A gift for Judah!
Yesterday I was mega crabby and got a little note in the mail from a pal, brightened my day right up!
There have been other beautiful cards (with supper in the envelope) in my mailbox as of late.  A rotisserie chicken and a watermelon were hand delivered on Friday! Thank you, friends, for thinking of me and my family.
 Judah is doing beautifully.  We even made it to church on Sunday.  Shirley has been keeping one eye on Mom at all times.  She is a good daughter, and sister, for that matter.  Mom is doing well, although I think it may take a bit of time for her to process all that has happened and what it means for her life now.  She'll muscle through, although my heart aches to see her struggle. 
My Mom is Dear. So, my friends, are you.


elizabeth said...

Do you know that I considered not leaving a comment because I had a handful of tortilla chips and salty fingers and didn't want to stop nibbling. But then I decided that was probably crossing over into obsessive tortilla chip behavior. ;)

Snail mail is the best!

Nice to hear that all is well! And you, my dear, are dear as well. :)

ethiopifinn said...

Now we--Suvi and I would like some chips! Completely understandable.

Anonymous said...

I am sad to hear that your friend missed your call:( I Hope next week will not be as busy.
I often think about the mail and notes that carried me through my tough times. Friends are the best!! Talk soon. Nancy

MindiJo said...

It's good to be loved.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get more packages from friends ; )

I, too, had a call from a friend yesterday. Our conversation rang in my head the rest of the day. I thought, "how I wish we could have a WHOLE WEEKEND of un-interrupted talking." We always have so much to catch up on.

It's hard to visit with old friends when we have toddlers needing our attention and lunches to be made. But I know that soon the day will come when those babies are grown and THEN my friend and I will call one another and talk for 2 hours.

Today, I am going to say goodbye to an older friend. He recently told me "Sometimes it hurts so much to love." I never imagined that only a few weeks later we would be saying goodbye to him, too.

I am glad to have friends. They are the Food at my Feast.


Confused Chaos said...

I don't go out of my way to talk on the phone either but I recall several phone conversations with you back in the day lasting an hour or so. You're a good talker and you've got lots to say :)

Jenny said...

There really is nothing like a good conversation with a good friend. I took a walk to the park today with the kiddoes; it was kind of a last minute decision so I hadn't called around to see if I could find some recruits and what do you know, a friend showed up anyhow. So, so much more enjoyable to sit at the park with a good friend to chat with :)