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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

three possibilities

These may have something to do with my ample body...
because they are so very very yummy.


Joni said...

I love your green huevi (how DO you spell that?). Yum, those cakes look good;)

MindiJo said...

You are right. Those babies are yummy. :)

Wow, you look good. Wait. I thought you just had a baby?!

elizabeth said...

mmmm. mmmm. mmmm.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE send us some of that girl's hair. These poor P*et* kids are nearly bald.


Heli said...



Julie said...

Oh my. Did you make those? The cupcakes, I mean. :)

I'm loving Suvi's hair! Your babies are beautiful.

ethiopifinn said...

they WERE good. one left!

mindi, i know. i *did* just have a baby. all i can say is, "hey-eeeey!"
there hasn't been any "you don't know me!" lately. i miss it.

and Bets, you make me LAUGH! she may be getting a trim soon, should i mail you a little sample? eew! lol!

julie, i made all of them. teehee