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Thursday, July 1, 2010

dual ban

there are no more crayons allowed coming into this house. NONE. and, the other thing to avoid...a blank screen.  I am in the mood to blog, but my mind is as blank as could be.
I find it rather difficult to select photos of Suvi's wall art, when my monitor is decked out with Theo's coloring.  I 've removed some of Theo's drawing from my screen, with spit and a tissue.  Not enough, but there's a little clear spot in the center, good enough for FB and blog hopping.


elizabeth said...

Can I say that I feel your pain? Not with crayons .. but with odd brown spots on the wall. They appear in strange places. The only thing I can think of is that they somehow result from Atlas' shaking - like sweat + dirt or something? But I do not enjoy wall cleaning .. and they are hard to get off the rough wall .. and they are never-ending.

(Also, LOL, there are some on my monitor. On the right side .. but I am sometimes lazy to move photos over so they are spot-less.)

Anonymous said...

Theo! sassy!

Wait until he learns to write his name. It will appear on all sorts of random spots. Funny kids.


Anonymous said...

i remember when my nephew leo got in trouble for writing on the wall, so the next time he did it (cuz of course he did) he signed his "art" with his brother's name, then couldn't figure out how his mom knew his 12 year old brother didn't really do it.
~ann b.

Julie said...

Lol. What beautiful artwork.

You need a Norwex magic eraser thingy. Nontoxic and they take off crayon marks like a charm. You cut off just a small amount at a time and I think they're like $6? I do love mine. :)

MindiJo said...

Or Mr. Clean? Magic Eraser.

I had a blog in my head that had a little "You don't know me". But I have since lost it. Wonder what it was...

JoLynn said...

Hi there! It has been so long since I've been to your blog...congratulations are in order! I'm not sure I even knew that you were pregnant. {Nothing new there...I'm a little out of it!} He looks like a cutie. And your other kids are getting so big!! How old are they now?? Hope you are doing well!