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Friday, February 4, 2011

late morning light

He often has a story to tell.  This shirt (the blue one) is a hand-me-down from Logan.  "I want to wear this one for the pictures, Mom.  It's really cute."  Who could say no to that?

She was having a bit of a tantrum during our photo shoot, so she went to her bed to have a rest and calm down.  I really didn't get any good shots of her solo in the front window.  We opened the curtains wide next to her bed and found much better results in her face.  Suvi was really relaxed and happy to have her shoot a little quieter, and to have Mama all to herself.  This pillow case is from Finland.  It is over 10 years old, I love it!

I was trying to hurry and get some photos in before my Mom arrived; Judah was fussy (it was his naptime, poor darling, he's just the sweetest baby), the big kids were sort of competing for the Most Ornery Award.  They don't like when Mom gets rushy.  I couldn't manage to get my settings right, but something about this one strikes me.  Maybe it's Suvi's tulle skirt (i like the folds of her skirt against the similarly colored folds of the curtains), maybe it's Theos ears.


Brita said...

I love that last picture! It's somehow reminscant of years past, I'm not sure why. The high chair? The curtain? The furniture? And yes, Suvi's skirt and the curtain...I'm so pumped that you got that camera. Keep posting what you capture! What camera did you get in the end?

Joni said...

so beautiful, these pictures! I'm enjoying your new camera, and your kids, too.

Jan said...

Ah,I like the natural light photos...and I too like that last one. It has a feel about it.

elizabeth said...

The love in the photos makes me smile.

And yes, there is something old-timey about that last photo. Also a kind of beautiful solemnity and calm. (Is solemnity a word? If not, I shall petition the Dictionary people to add it.)

ethiopifinn said...

Yes, Lib, it must be a word! (i looked it up to be sure :)

yeah, that last one with no smiles does feel old timey.

Brita, I got the Canon Rebel T1i from Habtamu for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

rock on theo!
~ann b.

Julie said...

That natural lighting is beautiful! So are your kiddos. :)