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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

human again

"I feel like a HUMAN again!"  I have a client who says that EVERY TIME she looks in the mirror after her haircut. Every time.  She's so happy to get it done...she wears her hair short, it grows fast, lots of 'teen wolf' (my uber professional term for neck hair/fuzzy hairline), which makes the need for and evidence of a fresh cut more noticeable.

I am feeling human again, but I say it with much less exuberance than Irene.  And I say it because I'm a bit humbled this morning.  Feeling fallible and reactionary and impatient.  My dictionary has intolerant as the third definition of impatient.  I don't want to be intolerant! Or intolerable :)  I am quick to judge, quick to respond.  This is something that I want to reign in. I am improving.  But I ain't perfect, that's for sure.  And I am not always right, I DO know this to be true, even if it's hard for *you* to believe. heh.

I should be quite the expert apologizer.  Sometimes I take a little more than my share, or fill your plate with what I am eating.  But lets us step away from the table.  Lets sit side by side or knee to knee and say nice things, breathe our ins and breathe our outs, and rest and be real friendly-like.  Let me be a friend to you, lets take some time, show me how.  Because I FEEL like a HUMAN again!! Wi-hi-hooooooii!


Anonymous said...

i'd sit next to you in a heartbeat!
love you!
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...


Anonymous said...

You're just great. I love especially the last paragraph of this post - I think it's great how the written word can convey so much, and I enjoy seeing your thoughts materialize so seemingly smooth.:) I feel a little more relaxed...thanks friend! -jr

Anonymous said...

I love your welcome picture, by the way, and your new poll made me laugh. What's your answer? Will I find out? -jr

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with both -ann b. and -jr.! :) I think this post is beautiful. I wonder if this is a universal feeling, because I think it shares my feelings quite often. Great work!

ethiopifinn said...

jr, the poll was for you, since you liked the last one so much. haha! but it was a challenge to come up with a question.
the apology is akward for me...i never know WHAT to say back.

thanks ang!

Anonymous said...

that one's a challenge too. funny how life just doesn't come naturally. it's a lot of work no matter what way you're facing:) gives us room to grow, I guess.
miss you! -jr

Anonymous said...

your other blog won't let me post ever. so i'll be a permanent lurker.
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...

oh, thanks for the info, ann. it should let you comment now, if you are so inclined.

Anonymous said...

I have to say the apology makes me squirm......I am with you Jenny. I don't know how to respond. I feel the need to apologize MUCH more than having a need to be apologized TO.


elizabeth said...

I'd love to sit side-by-side with you.

I want to look up impatient now; intolerant just doesn't seem to fit.

Quick to judge in my head sometimes. I'm getting better. It's a process.

Woo-hoo for being human! I could use me a haircut so I can feel human again too. Except I am in the eternal conundrum that short hair causes: am I growing it out or staying short. And how can one cut it when one hasn't decided yet. ;)