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Sunday, March 27, 2011

it's been an "Ooh, ahh" kind of Sunday.

We had a party for our dolly girl today.  She'll be three years old tomorrow.  This time three years ago I was uncomfortably in bed, having just enjoyed a burrito from chipotle...and just before that I told MOE "I guess I'll have a baby tomorrow, because I don't have any plans."  So, expectant moms, when you are getting close, just chow down on a spicy burrito and declare it: your baby will come.  Hers was the fastest labor and easiest delivery.  And shortest time in hospital.  Gotta love a girl who knows how to getter done.

I've been heading to bed for the last 2 hours, but after I finished up the ice cream, it seemed better to wait up a while and avoid the gut ache...  Oh my.  Just calculated the calories on that...you don't want to know. Heh.

After a couple of rocky weeks, today was especially enjoyable.  So nice to spend time with my sister Katie and her husband (they are Suvi's Godparents), and Grammy was here along with H's sisters.  A relaxing afternoon.  Suvi and Theo had great fun with their cousin... she painted some pictures as a gift for Suvi.  I love a good five year old artiste!

Here's the cake. I am certainly far from mastering the fondant, but it made me happy to do it. I *am* a hands on girl.


Anonymous said...

Your cake turned out awesome! If it was my cake, I would have hated to cut into that masterpiece!!! Btw, I've never seen you ditch out of church so fast before... I was trying to catch up to you to give you something, but I couldn't quite reach you in time! I suppose you had a birthday party to get to!!!! :) So cute!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are lucky to have you pulling off things like that cake for them. I love it! -jr

Jan said...

A cow cake! That's cute! HB to Suvi!
What kind was it inside?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Suvi!!!!!!!!
BEAUTIFUL little girl....and cake! ~nan

Heli said...

Paljon onnea suloiselle syntymäpäiväsankarille! Hauska kakku, Jenny:) Good job!

ethiopifinn said...