LOVE has come for you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

be it again

Why now why today why when it isn't just me why when it changes the climate for three and he why now why me ... I'm so tired of the doubt that lines the cloudy web of confusion... Angry and fighting screaming mad and scared.  Lonesome and longing for my electric and bright and sunny heart, mind free-moving, free flowing...i can't stand to bear *this* cross. Humble me and break the rest down, knock out every last shard from the pane...replace this darkened, slighted, slanted, slated blankness with something whole, with someone whole, who sees the light of love as clear as light of day, who can be a light for, at least, 3 and he.    I'd take medium mellow manageable over messed up mixed bag mystery up-ended unpredictability any day...  I love the dream come true, let me feel it, be it again.