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Thursday, April 21, 2011

coming & going

Well, well, well.  That is my hope for my three little darlings, that they stay/get well!  It seems that we have had sickos over here for a couple of months.  Gnarly colds from oldest to youngest, then Theo had some kind of bacterial infection that left him whimpering in my arms (antibiotics really can be good!), then Suvi came down with what we thought was hand, foot, and mouth disease, but now, unfortunately, we are pretty sure it's not that (the real name for fever b l i s t e r s). She is really on the mend, and her face looks much improved.  The last spot to appear is still healing, but I can see she is completely back to herself (her non-napping self. what?? i know. she/i really need that rest in the afternoon...), for which i am so thankful.  And Now, Mr Judah Lambcakes is suffering with the same.  He has a mouth and throat full of blisters, and quite a few on his chin.  Poor baby!!!  So they will have a few cold sores in their future.  Small thing, but I just want everything to be perfect for them.  And for now, I just want little Judo to be out of pain.  He slept through the night last night, as did the other two, so Mama got a solid 6 hours of much needed rest-itution. ;)

So that is the sick update. Riveting. No?

here's our dolly on the mend (boots on the wrong feet)...
despite the snow that greeted us yesterday morning, spring is here.  And the snow is gone.

i wish i could just chill like judey <3

can you see the smile in my back yard?

I cut my hair this week.  It was my Midwest Britney moment.  I just stood in front of my bathroom mirror and cut four inches off my length.  And then I tried to shape up the back.  There may or may not have been a little hole in the back...so I might have gone even shorter than my initial vision.  Ahem.  Yes, the hair I've been working on painstakingly growing for over 2 years is now pretty much bobbed, chin length.
What's that? No, no I really don't like it.  Clearly the haircut was not the "haircute" I had planned on. Heh.  It's not a bad cut (thanks to MOE picking up where I left off), but it is just so normal and not at all sassy.  I've been so middle of the road as far as hair bravery for the last couple years, trying to achieve the length, so staying safe in the color and layer veins.  Now that I have been liberated from my lengths, I'd like to take up the funkability, max the sass out.  It may take a few weeks before I stop whittling at it.


Anonymous said...

It's Cute! You crack me up. Must be the very slow and frustrating season change or something...I've been wanting to get out the scissors to create short and sassy. I'm just tired. In many ways. Of many things. But, I don't think I'm to be trusted w/the scissors. I think I'll try and focus on the paint brushes and housing to-dos. I see the smile! And I'm glad everyone is on the mend:) -jr

ethiopifinn said...

i think you are right, my friend! your comment was just what i needed to see/feel tonight. miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a faux hawk in your future - tee hee! lma

MindiJo said...

You should go all crazy and Rihanna-like. She has fab hair, if you have the confidence to pull it off. I'm keeping mine long for now.

elizabeth said...

Funky hair! Yes. Do go inspire me, please.

Hope the kiddos are all back to 100% very soon!

Fav customer. Colleen said...

Hey. One of your favorite quotes per Facebook. "it'll grow back".