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Wednesday, April 27, 2011



theo was so excited! he came running as soon as he got his bag.
sunday night as i was putting him to sleep he'd been quiet for a moment, then sat up to say, "mommy, tomorrow i want to play outside in the morning."  i asked him why. "because i want to get the easter eggs that are in *our* yard."  seriously so cute.  it's just so easy to love this boy!!

shirley and anna treated the kids to an egg hunt (along with myra)

i love the coffee ceremony
roast fresh coffee beans (green), bring the smoking roaster out to the family to share the aroma, taking it in and saying thank you (the warmth of the beans, the aroma, just as important as drinking fresh, hot coffee) grind the beans, steep in the pot with boiling water, drink and enjoy the coffee and the company!

playing peek-a-boo with himself

this egg soaked in the dye for 4 hours. loved the color...it was sad to crack that shell.


MindiJo said...

Did your husband have Easter customs like ours? Or maybe he never celebrated Easter, I don't know. If he didn't, what did he think of them?

Julie said...

The first picture could win grand prize in a photo contest. Wow! You captured it perfectly.