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Wednesday, April 13, 2011



{click above to link to their website)
crunchy and just the right amount of salty, and i loved them with salsa (i'm always thinking i should pick a fancier salsa, but this is the one i love!)
and you thought i was talking about my attitude. :)

in other news...
  • s-u-v-i knows how to spell her name aloud
  • theo seems to be getting a bit more regular in the pewp department. we cheer for poo around here
  • judah will continue with his helmet for at least 4 more weeks (but i miss seeing his sweet headball)
  • H's birthday falls on Easter this year, or vice versa
  • i volunteered to bring dessert to our family gathering
  • i think birthday cake makes a great dessert
  • ordering a cake from costco is not labor intensive, and i like that almost as much as i like the cake
  • i wish my hair was about 8 inches longer
  • it's really a shame that hair extensions are so expensive
  • i'm pretty sure judah will be talking before he is walking
  • suvi says she loves me like old people love chicken (she got this off the internet)
  • theo thinks this is hysterically funny
 and with that, i bid you, good night. 
sweet dreams!!


Anonymous said...

I might have to go make those brownies right now for my getaway (I'll have ALL the ing., including pal, coffee and lively conversation). my only regret is that I can't duplicate your lovely visual (on top of the bag article - i love it:) And those chips, I've glanced, never tried, looks like M. might be able to enjoy them too! Thnx for your influence:) also, we do a lot of cheering for poo around here too. -jr

MindiJo said...

Oh, so funny. Because your Suvi baby said something so similar to what my Izzy said. Soon coming to a blog near you.

Perfect! A big Costco cake for a family gathering. Because I buy it for our family and that might be a little excessive. Cuz I reason the same way you do.

I understand the "over it" aspect of the helmet.

When I read that you wanted longer hair, I thought "Too bad they are so spendy." THen I read the next line.

I'm starting to see why I like you so much. Great minds think alike! Of course I am saying I have a great mind- what else would I say? ;)

elizabeth said...

I like the idea of extensions too. Longer hair without that pesky time element - hurrah!

I like the recipe on the article, but I couldn't do it myself. I'd always be distracted from my cooking by attempts to read the article.

I like the chips from that brand that I've tried, not sure if I've tried that particular one though. For sweet potato chips, I like the red bag from Trader Joe's because it has 50% of your daily vitamin A in one serving (oddly, most other sweet potato chips have much less, can't figure it out). I'll take two servings, please!

ethiopifinn said...

e- I haven't been to TJ's in a while...I'll check them out.

m- of course they do, we do, we greated minded folk, we think alike!! ha :)

j- so fun to get the yummy text. xo