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Sunday, April 17, 2011

what i can do in twenty-five minutes

...is prepare a heartfelt blog post.  about living in every part of me, appreciating art: music and visual, gelling, opening my heart to guidance and experience.

what i can do in five hours is forget just exactly it was i wanted to share. :)  it was a nice drive to church, sunny--and on time. 
suvi has a painful and horrendous explosion on her sweet little face, all over her mouth, even in her throat. she has hand foot and mouth disease.  she's miserable with pain and hung.ry.  she stayed home with daddy, as did the snoozing judah.  theo and mommy had a church date. 
i stopped for gas, drove thru storebocks (theo's pronunciation) to get a latte with the last of my christmas giftcard, and made it to church ON TIME.  It's been a while since that happened.  funny how much quicker it is to get one pre-schooler out the door than 2 preschoolers and an infant.  imagine that.
i probably heard less of the sermon than usual, tho, because theo was sitting in my lap and i was more focused on him.  i wanted to remember what the Palm Sunday message was, but it left me already.  i always say that even when i don't suck in the sermon, sitting there on the bench among my peeps is a good place to be.  and i feel better afterwards nonetheless.
notice our dolly has her hand on her hip


MindiJo said...

Mmmmm... starting Sunday with Storebocks will make for a good day.

Anonymous said...

I started w/Storebocks today too. And I did notice the hand on the hip...and laughed. I love the angle of this picture. -jr

elizabeth said...

Poor little Suvi - that does not sound fun.

Mmmmm. Stbx. I am in love with their cake pops.

ethiopifinn said...

i just saw the cake pops on the menu... with a recommendation, i might just swing by there again soon