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Saturday, May 7, 2011

i love you like

..old people love chicken.

It's what my kids have been saying almost constantly as of late.

Tonight I told Theo that I love him like noses love boogers.  Of course it sent him into hysterics.  This is how we roll.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day my friend!!! I L-O-V-E your mother stories. you are the best!!! ~Nan

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Jenny! You're a fabulous mom! -jr

elizabeth said...

Hmmm. My grandma made really good chicken noodle soup! I guess if I love chicken enough to make chicken noodle soup all the time, it won't be such a bad love to acquire with age. ;)

Happy Mother's Day!

MindiJo said...

I love your blog like noses love boogies.