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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

now hiring smiling faces

We are currently interviewing for an overnight nanny.  Your responsibilities would include getting water, making sure the pre-schoolers make it to the potty, soothing 1 year old.  Primarily, letting me and my husband sleep through the night.  Pay is negotiable, but we negotiate in Monopoly money and haircuts.  Please send your resume with three references for immediate consideration.

two nights in a row with only one wake-up call around 3:30. PTL!!!


Anonymous said...

I know! I have a sis who could trade with you. At least you could all get 1/2 a weeks sleep!


Anonymous said...

yes. me too. payment options would have to be more like "I'll come clean your house" or something...bring on the relief!

Anonymous said...

that was me -jr

Anonymous said...

Just think when they are teenagers..you might be wishing you were just getting up to get them drinks, potty, etc. Enjoy those kids!