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Monday, June 27, 2011

it was humid, but not too hot

ohhh.  sunday.  it was humid, but not too hot.  i was crabby, but it didn't last too long.  i was later arriving to the sunday school picnic than i hoped, but stayed much longer having more fun than i planned.  it was lovely.  happened to miss the sermon as that was the time theo decided he really had to go #2.  you know.  in an outhouse.  he didn't go, but after the long line and only a tinkle, he was shocked to hear the last song being sung up the hill and disappointed "church is OVER!?"  i've maybe been a little shitty-mom-of-the-day when it comes to my 4 year old the past few days, but he is so very darling.  and funny

when i got home for tarzjay with the groceries he came outside and giggled as he said, "mommy, i was imagining the target guy standing there and saying to you, 'hey lady, do you want to buy this nice tonka toy?'"  seriously.  this kid is too smart for me!!

i guess this last week was a little bumpy.  maybe it was a home-from-vacation/pms combo.  i really like to find a bogo deal or a 2 for 1, whatever you want to call it, but next time, ima try pass on this package deal.  someone in my shoes (like, um, the gal who is WEARING them, ahem, cough cough, moi) is a leetle bit be-otchy under said circumstances.  part of my charm? no?
you sure?
FINE.  i'll focus on the funny thing my big boy says, instead of the whining we both do, and i'll savor the DATE i had tonight with my sugar booger.  can i get an HHC woot-woot!

i love a good sunday.  i love a funny sister.  i love getting a subaru lanyard in the mail on saturday and not finding it til monday cuz it was like a double surprise.  i love a good date.  i'm even thankful for my pms because i have a body that was able to crank out three little sweetie-pie mini-sugar boogers, which far outweighs my little boo-hoo, cranky pants couple of days.  lovin' life today, kids!


Anonymous said...

woot-woot, shoot, she woke up, gotta go:) -jr

Deanna said...

Hehe...I love you!

MindiJo said...

woot woot!