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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lets love in a huge and delightful way

my wish for myself and for those whom i love, is that we might think and act and speak and live in a way that is uplifting and positive, supportive and independent, Godly and humble, while celebrating and learning from
all points of view. 

My heart is a little sad tonight, but I believe in using words of purpose, not defeat or destruction. I believe that our sensitivities and our interpretations are valid.  It is our actions and reactions that we must consider more heavily.
Love doesn't live only on paper, or in your mind, it is in every kindness and tear we share with each other.  We must accept the things we cannot change. 
Please, let us lift each other up.  Lets love in a huge and delightful way.  One shining star in the sky is amazing, but a sky sparkling with billions of stars is absolutely brilliantly miraculous.
remember that feeling after you loose a tooth as a child?  for what seems like ages you are wiggling that thing constantly, and it feels a little pully and sort of...weird...til that tooth comes out. and you are nervous and excited to get it out.  sometimes they just come right out with no trouble at all, and other times the gums bleed a bit when the baby tooth is finally released.  sooner than you think that bigger, adult tooth comes in, your face changes and you realize loosing a tooth, changing the environment in your mouth, is not scary at all.  in between the new tooth growing in and the old tooth falling out, there is that space in your smile.  it's raw and almost...what is the word? nerve-y?  but even with all those changes in your little mouth, you can still eat and drink and speak and sing and laugh.  the changes are purposeful.  after the first one or two loose and lost teeth, you, as that sweet child, become completely adjusted to the fact that your mouth is getting rearranged, unfazed by losing an old piece of your body.
guess what?
when we acknowledge that sometimes we have to wiggle and release old stories and old impressions and old filters to make room for something bigger and brighter and stronger, we can adjust quite quickly.  we can trust ourselves and our thoughts, trust those we choose to have in our lives, trust the changes that are simply due to the passing of time. ageing. living. progressing through each day.  with purpose. with intent.  with honesty and trust.  living earnestly and humbly.  choosing kindness and flexibility when faced with a challenge.  i may feel a bit of anxiety anticipating loss of my parts of self, parts of thought that have served their purpose and now need to be placed under my pillow.  and while my environment will probably seem strange and tingly, i will break through with great purpose and strength.  i will enjoy what i glean from my past, be present today, and look with hope to tomorrow.
I will know that how things used to be is how things used to be, as I will see that how things are is how things are and I will walk with peace and love.  For me, for you.  It's a precious gift.  Life.  Purpose.  Forgiveness.  Trust.  being theatrical.  frugal.  imaginative.  industrious.  curious.  scarred.  healed.  present.
I expect perfect attendance for my life. 
It's your only stinkin' life, rock it way out with love.


Anonymous said...

your words ring so true. a loose tooth. love it!

tonite at St. John's, listening to all those voices singing, i felt so uplifted. gave me the chills. i wish i could bottle this feeling.


Julie said...

Yes. Thanks for this! Except sometimes I have a very hard time placing those old things that have served their purpose away. *Sigh.

And I'm digging your photo- the set of 3 on the right? So fun and spontaneous. :)

Anonymous said...

mmmhhmmm. i like it. -jr

Dawn T said...

Love it! What a great analogy. I have often found that while it is really hard sometimes to let go - I have to remember that it helps move me into a better place. I hope that is true for everyone.

ethiopifinn said...

jr: xo
julie, thanks:)
bets: it's been years for me, but i remember that feeling.

elizabeth said...


Accepting the things we cannot change is often hard work. Maybe in the meantime, I can at least accept that I cannot change them, even if I cannot accept the things themselves just yet.

mella said...

i likey the intention to l.i.v.e that way, it's nice and *juicy*!
great picture you painted about the experience of the mouth re-arranging process, I haven't thought of that feeling of a lost tooth since childhood. yes, nerve-y!
mind the gap...

MindiJo said...