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Monday, June 13, 2011

pto is magical

Big Daddy took the week off, so...I'll be busy with tending to his every need and whim.  Not blogging.  Much.  Not to worry, I'll be back soon enough!
He was in need of a nap, poor fella.  This one is straight out of the camera, and the second one is monkeyed with on Picasa.

I wonder if my Sugar Boogar will be doing more of this.  And I didn't say a thing to him about how the ladder was resting on the gutter, or at a precarious angle.  That's okay, Girls, I already patted myself on the back.  I feel like a Queen when he does these husbandy, home-owner things.  Truly.  I feel cared for and warm-n-fuzzy.  (OOH! I wonder how 'Acts of Service' rated in my love language quiz?)

My Mom is the master gardener around here.  I hope the kids don't up-end what ever it is they helped her plant in that boxy thingy.  Theo totally would, you know.  He's a rascal and a dickens.  Lucky he's so cute.

Don't have any fun or blog anything juicy while I am away from my desk.  I hate to miss out!  XO


mella said...

I think... I miss you already!
Great photos and I loooooove that the kids are digging in the dirt with their Gram. She rocks.
Have a great pto week, all Saturdays!

Anonymous said...

Have a great week;) jr

Julie said...

I dig the husbandy-homeowner thing, too. That and seeing my husband doing dishes with a kitchen towel hanging over his shoulder. Yummo. :D

Love your little fella's outfit and the photo's!