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Thursday, July 7, 2011

T-13 days

  • SOMEBODY you know may be turning 36 very soon.
  • 36 is closer to 40 than I'VE ever been.
  • 36 isn't young OR old.  it's a weird age.
  • at 26 i was young (and cuter)
  • being a hairdresser is really good for curing the gossip itch.  peeps tell me their business and i can know it or forget it and all parties remain in tact.
  • sometimes fellow bloggettes post things about blood pressure that really make me wish i heard it from my chair, so i could pry a few more deets and satisfy my nosey nature.
  • the book i've been reading for a while, but much more the last few days is really intense.  it's called Little Bee.
  • my older 2 children may or may not be clothed at this very moment.
  • judah cries, sometimes, when the naked kids cry.
  • i've been having some fabulous times lately: camping up north, stillwater... so nice.
  • i'm ready for the big lake.  it's superior, you know.
  • yesterday morning we went to the splash pad, and then to costco.  plus i picked-up a starbucks from the drive-thru, while driving our new ride.  i like to be back in a ford.
  • i just put judey-boy down for a nap, so i gots ta get a move on.  a bit of laundry, a shower, some potential cleaning (let's hope the nap doesn't last that long)
  • i've lost a pound for each of the diets i've started and stopped in the past 2 months.  (3) that's a record!
  • i like to find the silver lining.


Anonymous said...

It would superior to see you too. 37 is even CLOSER to 40. But, I always wonder "how I have a 17 yr old when I am only 22?"


Anonymous said...

all interesting stuff, new ride & starbucks, life if good. -jr

Leanne said...

Little Bee IS intense. Suprisingly. She has a new one out too...been meaning to pick it up. AHA! I know what to do with my moolah!

I heart my 30s. And Lake Superior.

You are good at random posts. I do not share that talent.

Julie said...

And if I was in the hair chair after the bloggette in question, I would fish for any new blood pressure gossip you've heard. ;)

Are you headed to Lake Superior soon?

ethiopifinn said...

julie!!! LOL! I try really hard not to "cross polinate", but i would def want to share any info i gleaned from said blood pressure woman, since it would be out of our mutual concern. heh, heh.

leanne--random is how i roll, girl! haha. i love a good, fluid story teller. this i am not. neither am i a PERFECT phone-contract creator ;)

jr-there's room in this new VEhicle for a 35 year old and her dolly girl :)

b-oh how i miss thee! when that 17 year old turns 22, you're going to have to start saying you were born pregnant. ;)

superior is in my future, ladies, i'm just not sure how *near*

Laura said...

This is my favorite part:

"judah cries, sometimes, when the naked kids cry"

elizabeth said...

If it helps, 34 is even closer to 40 because there is a 4 in it already so all that's needed is a 0.

The little neighbor girl turned 3 today. Her mom said that she got her first haircut today and when the hairdresser asked her how old she was, she said 10. I realized that that would be like me saying, "I'm 41!" Somehow, that is cracking me up immensely.

Ah, Superior. How I miss thee. Enjoy it for me, please, when you see it next.

MindiJo said...

The blood pressure lady has giggled a couple times. And already spilled her boring secrets. BoRiNg. But she still wants to sit in your chair. To share her gossip, but mostly to get a really un-mommy-like do. Fabulosity. She would even wait patiently for Julie to get hers done.
And. You ARE good at random posts. Holy talent.

MindiJo said...

OH! And. How is the Flexability? I looked into one of them, too. You can totally pull it off. You are sassy enough. LoVe it.

ethiopifinn said...

hmm, i responded earlier, but where'd it go?


lobot, ;)

aaaanyhoo, elizabeth, the 34, the 4, the 0, perfect. totally made me laugh. and see the validity!
when we go to ethiopia, we will be 7 years younger. now that, that i can dig.

mindizzle. so funny. i saw the life insurance lady post...
and i have an idea, you AND julie can get your hair did at our blogg...shaooot...what did i call it? well our blogger(e)union. i expect jam, just so you can prepare yourself.