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Saturday, August 6, 2011

sooo sleepy, but i'm not acomplainin'!

the last two nights were quite busy for me.  i worked.  and i talked. and laughed.

thursday night i was able to swing out to my old stomping grounds (perkin's--i so was remembering the feeling of happy anticipation for a night with diet coke, s-m-o-k-e-s, and much chatter as i was rounding holiday and pulling in to the parking lot under that huge u.s. flag) and stayed out until MIDNIGHT.  i won't name names, but two of the women are sisters, one of whom is single, the other just moved to a new, peachy part of the country, and the third woman is their curly haired, pt maternal-cousin. lots of laughter and shushing and whispering and general chattering.  i grinned the whole drive home!

friday night, i took an 8:30 client, which is not unusual, but i did not lock up the shop until 10:35--that is a lengthy haircut appointment!  a darling, first apartment-mate friend.  we stood at the door for probably an hour with our keys in our hands.  good-bye-ing many, many times.  e, we should have sat in the comfy chairs!!  the moon was beautiful on the drive home, a sort of orangey smile.

when the baby woke us up at 6:41 this morning, i started wheelin' and dealin' with the hubbinator: if you get up today, i'll get up tomorrow and you can sleep.  he agreed, but...i told him to go back to bed.  he had a looooong week what with his wife out gallivanting (i thought that word should be spelled 'galavanting', but whatever!) till all hours of the night ;)

hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work i go!  refreshed from two evenings of friendly conversations.


Anonymous said...

oh so glad you are refreshed. -jr

elizabeth said...

if the peachy friend is who i think, i do miss her. :) glad you are refreshed!