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Monday, September 26, 2011

Among These Prizes

"Poor person pants, pouts. No nuances near. Sad,sad song. Try trick Tamiru, tacky teasers too. Very vigorously.

Why? Will I win? (Wish!!)"

You may recognize the above as Jan's entry.  Suvi drew a name out of her drum this morning.  It read Jan.  She can expect a package sometime in the near future :)

It was fun, thanks for all the entries! 

and as a bonus, there was a second grader's spelling list:

gettin' groovy with GAMES
totally TAKE time to try
moons MAKE mom's mad
new NAME, no news
for FLAME, fan fires.
some so SAME
but BECAME blame,
BRAKE by bland
some SNAKE sneered,


Sue said...

Congratulations Jan!!!

Jan said...

I won, I won, I won!!
(doing a victory dance!)
(yes, I dance.)

Anonymous said...

I am NOT pouting! really. I dont have a computer. that's why I didn't respond. (about THAT, i AM pouting!)

Congrats Jan!

Also, Love the wedding posts Jenny.


MindiJo said...

Ugh. I was sooooo sure I won! sniff.

Lucky lady, Jan!