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Monday, September 19, 2011


you know, this contest is bringing about just what i needed.  laughter, interaction, a little mist, a little flattery...sigh.  i am just so clever.  yes, this was all my sinister plan to draw more from you.  it is making me grin and smirk and i am much appreciative of all the entrants.  yes, i am.

in VIP news, we brought her to Wayzata beach today.  she was shocked to see suvi going in to the lake.  this made me giggle.  she wanted a photo by the water, but didn't want to mess up her shoes.  this made me roar.  i gave her my spare flip flops in order to spare her sandals of any dust or sand.  too funny.  tomorrow is our first day alone, with no hubbinator, no addis.  i might be pretty much strongly wondering how it will go.  hopefully it will be slick as something really slick.  and stuff.

locals, hasn't the weather today been just DIVINE?!  all others, you would not beLIEVE the weather today.  ab fab'ly parfait. (absolutely fabulously perfect)  THIS is what i am lovin', weather-wise: sun, low humidity, breeze, warm but not sweaty.  fresh.  inviting.  i even got my used to hang-dry all my laundry arse to hang out a load today.  it's folded and put away already, and it's not dark yet.  i know.  this weather makes me do crazy things.

i used a new/old banana bread recipe on saturday.  i made it a year or two ago, gluten-free.  theo liked it, but mama did NOT. me-mama, not mi mama.  i wanted to try again because it calls for maple syrup instead of sugar.  feels cleaner.  3 bananas, 11 oz of flour, 2 eggs...it is num.my.

if you haven't submitted an entry for the drawing yet, get over there and do it now!  there is sweet loot waiting for one lucky duck.  but you gotta play to win.

LOVE all y'all!!
xo ethiopifinn


MindiJo said...

I love the way you talk. And then you put the translation. Ha! I talk that way here and there, so I usually get it. But mostly I talk in lines from songs. Is that weird? My sisters and I.

elizabeth said...

I hope today went as slick as .. oh! as slick as perfectly smooth boots on a patch of ice. Yes, exactly like that.

mella said...

that sandal thing is very funny.

would love to see the rest of that recipe, sounds right up my alley.

plus, I entered your contest, on my blog, just now, did I make it before the deadline?! A fun idea, I've been thinking on it all week... and the whole thing did make me miss you big bunches... clever indeed!