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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes my head explodes

Wow. Today is not a day that I am proud of my behaviour. No. Not a good teaching day for the kids.
today was the day when all my little irritations came together to protest. It turned into an awful riot. There was yelling. There was tossing of clothes. There was hiding. There was embarrassment. There was laughing in disbelief at my own actions. Which means, of course, there was ridiculousness. There was anger. There were buckets of tears. There was a head hanging apology. There was my husband translating.
that's right. I had a tantrum today, and my mil was the unsuspecting victim of my brain malfunctioning. It is the second day of my period. Coincidence? I think not.
Sorry, Ayat. But at least now you have a good spectrum of your dil's personality and charm. Love you, lady, despite my nutserness.


Anonymous said...

awww.... that stinks to feel frazzled and to have to explain yourself:( We have way to many of "those" days around here.

I didn't know mil was still there!!


mella said...

glad you found space for sprinklings of laughter.

thank you for sharing this,
you have a lovely spectrum... i definitely think connected to the cycle... and the moon...
forgive yourself.
take a bath.
start fresh tomorrow.

cracking myself up, complimenting your spectrum.

ethiopifinn said...

my spectrum is very spectrumy :)

nan, coffee. cinnamon rolls. your place. in my dreams very nice. ;)

Leanne said...

I wish I didn't understand that feeling. My kids have seen those tantrums, too. Surprisingly, they ignore my yelling and screaming, but they freak when I cry. Facinating

Leanne said...

PS Here's to a better tomorrow. XO

ethiopifinn said...

thanks leanne. when i cry, theo hits me.
and tomorrow is already better. our prints from brita arrived and i was able to give one to my mil. it helped, but i hope she isn't afraid of me now!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of you making it through this extended stay. I would worry a little bit if I didn't see evidence of your humanity in here somewhere...glad to know it's another day:) -jr

MindiJo said...

Oh, how I went through Ethiopifinn withdrawals when I was unplugged.

But, wait! Do you mean to say that you went THAT LONG without a "nutser" moment with someone new infringing on your space? Seriously? Wow! You must be a saint. I start twitching before the week is over. And that includes people I already know. You are entitled.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's been rough. Glad you can vent.
~ann b.