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Monday, October 31, 2011

superman, princess, ducky.

this boy. this face.  OOOH!  he loves to dream up plans for toys and fun things to do.  and yesterday he flushed a night light. bless his heart, he's so curious about things. (superstinker.)

hooray! they ducky costume still fits judey! we got some hilarious video of him running on the driveway.  the padding in the lower parts of the costume made it look like he really was waddling. 

grammy came over to see them in their costumes and give them some extra treats.

we brought ayat out for lunch today (wild wings, of course)--she liked it as much as we do :)  on the way home we stopped at walgreen's.  i wanted to pick up carving kits, because i have made the same jack-o-lantern for the last 28 years.  those tiny little serrated carving "knives" are just so fabulous!  it was the easiest and most fun i've had doing pumpkins. ever.  it came with a scraper, stencils, and plastic eyes (in suvi's pumpkin).  she added the toothpick hair.  theo gave his spooky pumpkin pumpkin gut hair.  the candles were decorations from our wedding day.  i'm glad we could put them to good use!

suvi and i made her crown from a cereal box.  the ribbon is also from our wedding time!


Anonymous said...

The pumpkin carving kits sure do help. Makes the carving fun!
I love how you reused things from you're wedding.
~ann b.

Leanne said...

Dey is cute, lady!

Anonymous said...

Now I want to know what's good at wild wings. Never been. I'm hungry. Cuties in cute costumes, fun pumpkins:) -jr

elizabeth said...

I bought a pumpkin carving kit once. It did not help. I have given up on the whole pumpkin carving thing. :)

Cute, cute kiddos!

ethiopifinn said...

joni, habtamu gets hot wings. everytime.
i usually get some kind of wrap. with chicken or steak. it comes with chips and salsa...