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Monday, November 14, 2011

green/let's see what else they do wrong.

i'm not sure if this translates, but i think this girl is so cute. PRESH!

And this other girl has perfect hair.  I want her hair, and pretty much I'd take the rest, because green is one of my favorite colors.  But, especially the hair.  Today my sil asked me why I cut my hair.  I was like, "uh...come again?"  I absolutely did not have an answer.  I said, "Well, I am old.  Too old for long hair."  She said, where she comes from, 36 is considered very young.  Ooooohkeeeeeeeeay.  Riiight.  This is just one of those cultural things I guess?  I would like long hair, long hair like this other Jennifer.

she could put a sweater on, i s'pose.

and then, the simpson's went to little ethiopia.  seriously, hab and i laughed for quite some time after we watched this you tube clip.  i hope it translates.
**aw, shucks. i had to take it off.  it was really funny, tho!**


MindiJo said...

Bring back the long hair! You aren't old!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't watch the video , unfortunately, but I agree that we are not old!
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

no, not old. wise(r)! -jr

Leanne said...

It's beautiful hair. So beautiful. But it bet some of it isn't hers. :)

elizabeth said...

You are not old!

I love her hair too. I find it so unfortunate that I cannot have long hair. Or curly hair. And by long and/or curly, I mean naturally and healthily long and curly. Some day, I might like to try extensions.