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Monday, December 5, 2011

up, up and away!!!

it was a fast 3 months!  hard to believe it, but Ayat is on her way back home now.  and we all survived!  heh. 

laughing at the kids

see that skirt?  there's a funny story.  hab took her out shopping to find a new outfit (i've since learned her closet is jam-packed full at home, with skirts and dresses that she loves, could never part with, or, ahem, fit into anytime soon).  this was a priority for Ayat; she pestered mentioned it to H a few times.  when they returned from the FIRST shopping excursion, she put on her 2X top and size 18 skirt.  clearly she is not a plus size gal, so that outfit had to go back.  the next trip was to schmacy's, with coupons in hand.  she found that skirt, pictured, and a simple top that matched perfectly (and the ensemble for 22 bucks. for that price, i'd say she looked stunning!).  for some reason, she decided it had to go back, it just wouldn't do.  too colorful.  fine.  back to the mall.  did i mention the habinator despises the mall? yeah.  can't stand it.  he likes to get in, get out, get on with life.  on the third shot, they found an equal bargain which he told her was not going to be returned.  she did try to get one more exchange out of him, but he didn't budge.  so this skirt, you know, the one that wasn't going to work, went back.  skip forward a few weeks to thanksgiving night.  ayat returns from my favorite person's house WEARING THE SKIRT.  i spotted it immediately and brought it to my husband's attention.  we started laughing. 

after she had settled into the couch, he mentioned this skirt was a repeat.  she laughed and said martha gave it to her. uh-huh. okaaaaaay. (i think she just didn't like the shirt they found to go with it the first time.  gah!)  oh ayat, you are such a stinkerdoodle.  safe travels, m.i.l. until next time, Adios!
travel is such a strange thing.  you wake up in one place, and go to sleep somewhere completely different.  even on a trip to the u.p., the act of moving from one side of the lake to the other amazes me.  continuing through space and time.  hmm.


Brita said...

How fun. And I have those very same thoughts about travel.

MindiJo said...

Hope your transition back to "normal" runs smoothly.

Anonymous said...

great job, Jenny. I'm SO proud of you:) -jr

elizabeth said...

I hope the transition from having her here to having her not here goes smoothly. Lots of love!