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Friday, March 30, 2012

Like Ginny once told me, all good things must come to an end.

I was the one elected to call and ask if her girls, Beth and Sara, could stay longer at their Koi' cousins because we were having such a wonderful night of conversation and sharing.  I think I was 14.  The girls had to go home despite my plea, and I am still embarassed!

So, here is my 29th photo of the photo challenge.  Purchased:

or, you could say i bought myself some mom points by making slime.  i would like to paint or draw like this editing on picasa.  i used a couple of  buttons...pixelate and ??

and At last, number 30, In Motion:
suvi jumping for joy on her birthday night.  we stopped at the dollar store for balloons.  i promptly let go of suvi's balloon, which prompted a second trip to the store for a balloon.  theo purposely let his go a short time after we returned with balloon, round two.  stinker.  then, he popped it with a toothpick.  seriously. 
 I edited this photo on picasa with the posterize button.

Here are a couple more photos I've been wanting to share
long lake.  i love to catch a glimpse of this heart branch when i am heading home from church or points west.

suvi making cupcakes on her birthday.  we made 12 and i tossed the rest of the batter.  i know.  it was so easy and at the same time mind blowing.  throw out what i don't want to eat.  novel idea.  and look on my calendar, my photo challenge list.

enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a hilarious memory - I wonder if Ginny stored that one too. (If I was party to the event, it had long been forgotten, but sounds vaguely familiar). What a laugh. Love the pics. -jr

Laura said...

I love those cupcake paper thingys!

Gram said...

Bye..it WAS a fun month-a-march, for sure. I'll be back for peeks into your window. It was good to see you in real life, but too quick.

Jan said...

Wow, never though of just throwing the rest of the batter. Good idea.

MindiJo said...

Perfect. All of it. Even Ginny.