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Monday, March 5, 2012

someone to love

day 5: someone i love.

i really wanted to get a picture of my sugar booger today, but there just wasn't that perfect moment.  and my mom was over today, but i forgot about my idea to take her photo.  but these kids.  these smoochie perfect kids.

(guess who got some new unders today?)


Carol said...

Love all the personality shining in these pictures!

MindiJo said...

I love how you capture your kids. In an unexpected way.

Jan said...

Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

I love the ten perfect toes lined up, then the undies. All great pictures...super cute. -jr

Gram said...

Aww. Just found that you are indeed in on the challenge. Way to go. Love this "new" undies all lined up. This challenge has been so much fun. Glad you are on board