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Friday, April 27, 2012

Great little thing

This is my Great-niece.  We went to her house today to take her picture.  Because she's adorable.
she looks a lot like her mumma did.

she's a fan of the toe nibbling

and my big kids love her.  judah does, too, but he was busy getting into absolutely everything in kate's house.  including dumping over a potted plant. thanks, buddy.  katie needs to know what to expect a year from now.

i can't even stand it: crossed baby feet, striped preschooler legs...

as we were pulling out of their neighborhood, suvi said sadly, "i miss bergen."  she loves a good baby.  but she said bergie is the cutest baby, and every time she sees another baby, she's sure to let me know that bergen is cuter.


Brita said...

So cute, Jen.

Anonymous said...

Little Kate! Just like her mommy - so adorable! -jr

Julie said...

Little girl leggings and tights... does it get any cuter?!