LOVE has come for you.

Friday, April 6, 2012


i made this for suvi; she says it's too itchy.

i LOVE to find hearts in unexpected places.

judey, you are going to hurt yourself cheesing that hard!

i added this rainbow to a clearance steal i got a couple years ago.  i think the purse was around 2 bucks.  suvi likes herself a colorful rainbow anything!  she put the strap over her head and wore it like a messenger bag as she cruised around on her trike to make deliveries.  mainly invisible deliveries and mainly to me.


Sharyn said...

LOVE the tutu, darling!

Laura said...

I love how you play with your kids!

MindiJo said...

Ooooh, I love bagels. And tutus. And your beautiful kiddos. Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

lovely! -jr

Gram said...

Top photo my favorite..although they r all great.