LOVE has come for you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sugar booger, age 43

i put a card in his lunch, sent him an email and made a little dessert.  i found this when i got home from work.  i'm glad he took a minute to indulge on his birthday.  he so deserves it.  i got a little quiet inside on sunday when i realized i wouldn't be able to give him a gift.  so i poured my love into celebrating him with words and sugar.  happy birthday, lofah!!!


MindiJo said...

Happy birthday to the HH of your howwwwwse.

Anonymous said...

No gift for him? what about your love and your children? Pretty great gifts.
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...

ann, the kids are MINE! lol.

elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to your love!

Laura said...

the best gifts to give - yourself. makes for great memories.